Sanskrit for ‘own identity’.

Aikeyah is an extension of  myself.

Drawing  inspiration from within, and life, in general , my experiences are interwoven into the designs. It gives the wearer a hint of my thought process which is subtle and simple. My designs are fluid and the deft hand details catenating different types of clothing, is completely absorbed by the wearer. The name Aikeyah, therefore, is apt as it takes on the identity of the wearer.

Over the last few years my small team has seen a promising growth. Aikeyah’s family of Craftsmen, Artisans , who imbibe the same ethics and aesthetics have mastered the ease to transpire what the label wants to communicate through each collection.

Based in New Delhi, India, all our sourcing is local, and processes undertaken in our workshop.

Aikeyah aims at producing only Classics, Timeless Designs and takes pride in the fact that it has been consistently delivering the sensibility promised at its inception in 2013.  In a short span of time, we have found our archives. We don’t confirm convention, hence we belong to many. A lot of women, the world over identify themselves with Aikeyah today.

The idea is to put forth the Modern Indian craftsmanship and a New India heritage to run through generations summing my design journey as an ‘abstract’, very easy on the eye, yet very thoughtful on the mind.

The label sells through our flagship store, AIKEYAH, in the historic Hauz khas Village, New Delhi and across all major cities in India through different boutiques.

Ethereal, bohemian, emotive and non conforming through understated glamour and elegance are some of the few unvarnished ways in which one could describe Aikeyah. The label which is Isha Dhingra’s brainchild, in years of its existence, has managed to blur the lines between prét and couture. The in-between is a sartorial approach to design ensembles which find the sweet spot taking an unpretentious approach to couture. Cotton, sheers, subtle embroideries, unassuming silhouettes and florals form the spine of Aikeyah. Stories from History, art, literature, human psychology and travel find their way into the collections inconspicuously in the form of inspiration. The founder, Isha is an amateur painter, a self- taught embroider, a traveller and a dressmaker who ventured into the Fashion business at the age of nineteen. Her refusal to work under anyone helped her forge her own path and find her own unique voice.  It was in her childhood of quietude that she found herself immersed in books, craft and paint. She would spend painstaking hours making cards, sketches, portraits and beaded necklaces by hand. It was amidst these childhood pleasures that she found her calling.-Platform Magazine.