Care Instruction

At Aikeyah, the garments are handmade and hand embroidered with very fine delicate materials , using only pure fabrics like silks, chiffons, organza, chanderi, crepe and 100 % cotton. We also develop our own surfaces using techniques like appliqué, and other surface ornamentations. These beautiful developed fabrics are then stitched into wearable clothing.  Thereby, requiring utmost care in handling and maintaining, making it imperative to be gentle with all Aikeyah’s Clothing.

Since most of the clothing is handmade, hand dyed and hand embroidered we strictly recommend DRY CLEAN ONLY

We also recommend only Steam Ironing your clothes to maintain the freshness and texture of the product.

The garments should also be stored in a cotton bag, the one that comes with your order, away from dust and sunlight for a long healthy life. 

Please do not store your garments in a Moist Environment.

We do not guarantee colour bleeding caused due to machine or hand washing.

However, for any sort of wear and tear kindly write to us at